Living in Vienna in Central Europe, I have got a world of opportunity to visit diverse Austrian landscapes. Based at the eastern edge of the Alps, there are such different places to scout like high mountains, gorges and waterfalls, rivers, forests and even steppes.

As an amateur outdoor photographer, I enjoy spending a lot of time in nature and try to share my experiences. I first became familiar with analog black and white photography in my youth, and I was always interested in the whole process from image composition to finalising the print. Later on I turned to digital techniques and deepend my knowledge in image processing and printing.

My work mainly consists of landscape images from Austria and other European countries. I focus on intimate landscape images, first of all trees and forests.

Thank you for taking time to visit my galleries. Hopefully you can experience at least some of the feelings that compelled me to take these photographs. For me personally, they reflect unique and valuable moments.

Peter Richter

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